s Shashank Sridhar's Family Tree

My Mother's Large Family

My mom has a significantly large family due to her two siblings and multiple cousin siblings while my dad has no siblings. My mom told me what it was like growing up in a huge family and how it impacted her. Im greatful for the number of people I have on that side of the family and how I can reach out to them in any case. The difference in the spread of the family tree adds to the complexity that I love.

My Grandparents' Siblings

My grandparents have a lot of siblings. For example, my grandma has nine siblings: two brothers and seven sisters. My dad's mom as well has 9 siblins which adds to the complexity of my family tree. Indian families are known for having a lot of family members and this definitely supports that. A complex tree gets bigger as it goes up rather than wider, but my family tree does both which increases my relatives.

Many Second and Third Cousins

Having many cousins as directly affected my life. I have a strong relationship with my older cousins and they help advice me on different decisions in my life. Since my grandma has 9 siblings each with many grandchildren, I have so many different cousins that I can bond with. I think this is crucial to my family because a good relationship with cousins really represents family. Because of my numerous cousins, my family's complexity has grown quickly.

Family Defines You

My grandparents' numerous siblings, my bond with my cousins, and my mom's large side of the family all add to the complexity of my family and define what I am today. When my paretns made the hard journey to come to the US, they did not know what was gonna happen. I am happy to say that life is good through the struggles of the previous generations. It is unusual to see a family tree that is as complex as mine, but that's history.

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